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Insider Review of Sales Page Prep School

(How to Become a Sales Page Copywriter)

Have you been slogging through copywriting projects, unsure how to specialize?

Or do you find yourself tapping away at a sales page, second-guessing every word?

Maybe you've battled with pricing, feeling stuck in that loop of charging peanuts and drowning in work.

If you’re nodding along to these, you're in the right place. I'm about to dive deep into Sales Page Prep School (SPPS), sharing my own experience and the inside scoop.

Krista Frahm, Sales Page Copywriter and author of this review of Sales Page Prep School, with chin on hand, smiling at the camera

In short: SPPS is a comprehensive, online copywriting course meticulously designed and taught by Dani Paige. It isn't just a simple step-by-step program; it's a resource designed to mold you into a high-converting sales page copywriter.

this site has affiliate links. I may earn a small commission for purchases made through these links. You'll only find links for things I know and love. If you have any questions, shoot me a message!

Ready to learn what it's all about, who it's for, and be able to gauge if it's the next right step in your copywriting journey? Grab your coffee (or tea) and let's dive in. 📝🔍👀

What’s Inside Sales Page Prep School (SPPS)

SPPS is a comprehensive course plus community for copywriters who want to learn the lucrative skill of writing sales pages… but how exactly does SPPS work & what sets it apart from other copywriting courses?

Sales Page Prep School is typically a 12-month long program that includes pre-recorded video lessons showing you absolutely everything you need to know about sales pages, copywriting business building, and getting clients.

(Note: SPPS is currently being offered in a 10-week accelerator format to get you to your goals faster. No fluff, no stuff, just forward motion.)

You can watch the videos at your own pace, and re-watch them when you book a sales page project to get virtual hand-holding through the entire process.

You’ll also find examples, over-the-shoulder tutorials, sneak peeks into Dani’s business, and downloads to support your sales page skills and help you build a stronger copywriting business.

Initially, Sales Page Prep School was simply about how to write high-converting sales pages. But Dani has expanded the course to help you get from “thinking about sales page copywriting” to becoming a full-blown sales page copywriter who can find clients, onboard them, write an excellent sales page, and provide an excellent client experience.

Sales Page Prep School also includes a private community of other aspiring sales page copywriters AND monthly coaching calls where you can submit questions or even submit your sales page for her expert review.

The monthly “AMA Calls” (Ask Me Anything Calls) are interactive sessions that create a supportive learning environment. In between calls, you can drop questions in the community and get feedback from other sales page copywriters or Dani herself.

Sales Page Prep School isn’t simply an online course. It’s a comprehensive resource and strategic support to help you step into the launch copy world and experience success.

I always look forward to Dani’s AMA calls, even if I haven’t submitted a question or a page for review. Dani shares great insights, and I always walk away with little sales page or business gems.

Modules Inside Dani Paige’s Sales Page Prep School

I don’t know about you, but I like to know what’s inside a course before purchasing. There are about 70 lessons, and Dani continues to add value to the course, so I haven’t listed out every single lesson here. However, here is a peek behind the curtain of Sales Page Prep School.

Module 1: Start Here

This is the typical introduction module that explains how to get the most out of Sales Page Prep School and gives you a tour of the course. These are quick, easy, and will help you start off on the right foot in SPPS.

Module 2: The Copywriter's Launchpad

Here you’ll find 7 lessons that lay a strong foundation for understanding high-converting sales pages and creating your process — including sales calls and proposals. (Because if you can’t run a sales call or create a solid proposal, your chances of booking sales page clients are pretty slim.)

Module 3: Finding Clients

** Coming Soon **

What good is it to learn to write a killer sales page if you can’t find clients, right?

Dani has shared bits and pieces of her client-finding strategies previously, so I’m certain this module will be great.

Module 4: Onboarding Clients

Do you want to charge top-dollar for your sales page copywriting? Then you need to have an excellent onboarding process so that clients feel confident in their decision to hire you. They may even hire you again for another project and/or refer their business buddies!

Modules 5-6: Getting Ready to Write (Part of Dani’s “Double POP” Process)

This is where Dani’s unique process begins to shine through. In modules 5 & 6, you’ll learn to complete research calls and organize all the information you collect in a way that supports faster, more effective sales page writing.

Modules 7-8: Write Your Sales Page

This is the best part. It’s a systematic way to write an incredible sales page without getting lost in the 10,000 words you just gathered during the research phase or worrying what section should go where. Everything is laid out for you, and you’re also given the strategy behind it so when you DO choose to rearrange or modify parts of your sales page you can do it confidently. There are 20+ lessons in this section… but each one is bite-sized and easy to implement.

Modules 9-10: Optimizing and Adding Personality

After the bulk of the writing is done, you’ll learn to refine your sales page copy so it really connects with the readers and drives conversions. This section is the icing on the cake for sales page copywriting, and I bet it’s missing from most other sales page copywriting courses.

Module 11: Onboarding Clients

You don’t want to deliver amazing copy and then fumble the onboarding process and leave a bad impression with your client, right? You’ll learn tricks and tips to smoothly offboard clients so they’ll want to work with you again… or save face if a project hasn’t gone as well as you’d hoped.

Module 12: Launch Strategy

This is a recently added bonus to Sales Page Prep School. As you know, sales pages are just one piece of a launch puzzle. If you understand all the pieces of the launch puzzle, you can help your clients have even more successful launches… and you can get paid for your recommendations and advice too!

Module 13: Graduation & Certification

You can become a certified Sales Page Prep School Copywriter after completing the program and demonstrating your sales page prowess. There is an application process, and true to Dani’s style, it’s completely transparent so you’ll know exactly what to do to earn your certification.


**10-Week Accelerator Note**

The format is slightly different during the 10-week accelerator. BUT, you’ll still have access to the course after the accelerator ends.

The 10-week accelerator basically gives you a speed-pass and very specific stops to get you to the destination faster without missing any important pieces along the way. (Like getting to use the carpool lane during rush-hour traffic!)


white desk with computer, plant and picture on top.

Bonuses [Review of Sales Page Prep School]

Here are the bonuses for the current 10-week accelerator program:

  • Private Community for Support & Accountability

  • Three Live Coaching Calls (Where you get your questions answered and troubleshoot tricky situations.)

  • Copy Critiques & Reviews (this is GOLD in my opinion. Get expert eyes on your copy and feedback to help you improve.)

  • AI Powerups (AI is here to stay. Learn how it can help your processes.)

  • Access to Dani’s Private Copywriting files, swipes, templates, and client videos. Basically, all the goods that you get to keep after the 10-weeks is over.

Dani is thorough and oh-so genuine in her desire to help copywriters become well-paid sales page copywriters. She’s not one to skimp on content or support.

In case you haven’t heard of Dani Paige, or you want to know more about her before jumping into SPPS, the next section is for you.

Who is Dani Paige? (Other than the creator of SPPS)

Image of Dani Paige and part of her sales page. Words say, "for the working copywriter ready to master the most lucrative skill in the biz. Smash through your current income caop + indulge in confidence when you... learn to write high-converting sales pages & gain a reputable system for delivering career-changing client projects.

Dani is a launch copywriter, strategist, and copy mentor who never wants to find herself in second place or settling for average. Her motto is “Never Average, Always Awesome”

Before becoming a copywriter, she was a pro hockey player, trotting the globe and pushing herself to the limits. When she settled into a corporate role, she quickly realized that doing the same thing day after day in an office was NOT the place for her. She started her copywriting business and has been leveling up ever since.

She’s been writing launch copy since 2019 and has a stellar track-record with her own launch copywriting business, showcasing open rates over 50% and sales pages converting at 30%. 🤯

picture of Dani Paige, Sales Page Prep School founder.

Despite her success with writing sales pages and launch copy, Dani wanted to do more with her business. She wanted to help other copywriters learn how to write high-converting, personality-packed sales pages. That’s when Sales Page Prep School was born.

What was initially a small-ish course about doing client research and writing sales pages has exploded into a comprehensive copywriting course and community.

Dani is also one of the kindest, most supportive, and solutions-oriented people I’ve met online. She is always willing to answer questions, seek out solutions, or connect like-minded people.

I hadn’t heard of Dani Paige before I was considering joining Sales Page Prep School. A trusted copywriter friend recommended Dani during the founding launch of SPPS. I barely looked into who Dani was before joining, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

(Did you read that? I didn’t know who Dani was, yet I shelled out hundreds of dollars to join her barely-established program because someone I trusted recommended her… that’s the power of referrals and recommendations!)

Dani won’t disappoint. Sales Page Prep School won’t disappoint.

SPPS has been an integral piece of increasing my income and decreasing my overwhelm.

Pros and Cons of SPPS — Sales Page Copywriting Course

The good, the bad, and the (not exactly) ugly of SPPS…

Sales Page Prep School Pros

  • Comprehensive Curriculum — you’ll get an end-to-end understanding of how to write a high-converting, personality-packed sales page. You’ll also get insight on how to find clients who need these pages, how to book them, and other day-to-day business building tips. Plus, Dani keeps adding to the course!

  • Flexibility — The other day I listened to the modules on the hour drive to the dentist’s office. You can learn at your own pace, rewatch modules, and listen on the go (especially if you download the app.)

  • Supportive Community — The copywriting community that Dani is cultivating is supportive and embraces abundance. Writers cheer each other on, help each other solve problems, and lift each other up when they’re down. Dani is also active in the community each week.

  • Live Q & A Sessions — Get your specific questions answered and expert eyes on your sales page copy. Even with all the modules, examples, and resources… sometimes you have specific questions, and that’s exactly what these calls are designed for.

  • Continuous Value — Dani frequently updates the course and provides valuable additions. What started as a course about writing a sales page is now a comprehensive launch copywriter training program. Dani is invested in this program and the success of the copywriters inside.

  • Testimonials Speak Volumes — SPPS has been through the beta test round, improved, and had another round of copywriters join. It keeps getting better, and the testimonials speak volumes. More on testimonials in the next section.

Sales Page Prep School Cons

  • Potential Initial Overwhelm — If you don’t have much copywriting experience, the wealth of information may be a tad overwhelming at first glance.

  • Investment Required — There are payment plans available, however the investment to join SPPS still isn’t small. Thankfully there’s great ROI potential so you can see this as an investment instead of an expense.

  • Not a Beginner Course — If you don’t know what copywriting is, or you’ve never completed a copywriting project for a client, then this may not be the course for you. This is not a copywriting 101 course. This is a bummer if you’re looking to become a copywriter, but if you’ve been writing for awhile, this is actually a perk because you’ll be surrounded by a community of strong writers who are leveling up their skills! (If you’re looking for an intro copywriting course, read this blog.)

  • The Focus is on Sales Pages for Online Courses — If you want to write for physical products or the SaaS industry, this course may not provide what you need to write effective pages in those areas. You CAN adjust the information to help guide you, but if you’re not writing for course creators, this course may not be the perfect fit.

As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to Sales Page Prep School. In my experience, the pros outweigh the cons, but you should consider your own unique situation prior to purchasing. If you want to become a well-paid sales page copywriter who can ALSO provide marketing strategy and/or write launch emails… then you’re in the right place.

**SPPS 10-week Accelerator Specific Pros and Cons**


  • The SPPS content and process have been proven with two cohorts of copywriters.

  • The Accelerator is a lower price than joining the year long program.

  • You’re getting a fast-track version of becoming a sales page copywriter.


  • It may be hard to “keep up” during a 10-week sprint (although you’ll still have the info/swipes after 10 weeks.

  • You don’t have access to the community ongoing. (Unless Dani makes an offer after the 10-weeks. I’m not sure what her plan is.)

  • 1K is still a hefty chunk of change… but if you can raise your sales page prices by at least 1K, you’ll earn your investment back with one sales page.

Is There Proof that SPPS Works?

Nobody wants to waste their time and money on something that doesn’t work… right?

I totally get it.

I also know I’m fairly skeptical when I see testimonials on sales pages, because I’m never quiiiiiite sure that they’re real people with real outcomes. (Even though all the pages I write for clients have REAL testimonials. But still, skepticism persists.)

But I do know these people, and I’ve seen them experience this success.

I’ll share some testimonials I swiped from Dani’s sales page here:

testimonial image. "having a system to fall back on, a streamlined process, and not having to reinvent the wheel every time... it has all given me so much more confidence as a copywriter" - Kristina

(I only know Kristina through SPPS, but I’ve certainly seen her confidence grow and she always asks the best questions!)

all of a sudden I have 5 sales pages booked over the next two months. no joke"

(I got to meet Michelle in person one summer at a copywriting event. She’s an absolute joy to be with. )

"since joining SPPS, I've been able to book myself out for the entire month!"

(Allegra and I have been in multiple copywriting programs together. She’s an incredible writer and human!)

"I'm about to sign another $3750 sales page client..."

(I’ve watched Jillian’s progression since we’ve been in SPPS together for awhile. She’s killin’ it!)

Hey, I know her ⬇️😆

my testimonial, "SPPS took my sales page process & made it more efficient, effective, & dare I say fun"

Here's the rest of the story…

I’d written a few sales pages before joining SPPS. I wanted to write more sales pages but it took me FOREVER to write each one, and I was only charging $900 for the page.

I wasn’t confident in the flow of my pages or the conversion techniques… which meant I didn’t want to raise my prices. I was basically stuck in this stupid cycle of under-changing and over-working.

I was frustrated and questioned if I was cut out for launch copy. (But I also did NOT want to write blogs or social posts!)

Dani’s Double POP Process clicked for me. It made so much sense and helped me stop second-guessing myself.

I also started charging $2200 for my sales pages. (Now I change $2500, and after a few more successful client launches I’ll probably dial that up to $3000 and add in some juicy client bonuses.)

Does Sales Page Prep School Provide a Copywriting Certification?

Yes, indeed it does... but maybe not during the accelerator.

**There may be changes coming to the certification process and availability. I'll keep this as up-to-date as possible, but if you have specific questions I would ask Dani directly.

The SPPS Certification isn’t something you can simply buy and put on your website (thankfully, because that dilutes the value, right?)

sales page prep school certification seal for Krista Frahm. Certified sales page copywriter

During your year in the regular SPPS program, you can apply for certification, and once approved, you can use this in your marketing and outreach so potential clients can see your dedication to the craft and accomplishment.

(I’m not sure what the status is for the 10-week accelerator… I believe it's TBD since it's challenging to fully certify people in 10 weeks.)

Certification also means you’ll be eligible to get leads from Dani’s “Find Your Copywriter” program as long as it continues. If she gets leads that she's not going to write for, she often passes them to certified students, giving you connections with clients you may not have otherwise discovered.

Here's the latest list I have of the things you need to become certified…

  • Have been in SPPS for at least a month and worked through the content.

  • Complete the checkpoints inside SPPS.

  • Have at least two paying sales page clients & used the Double POP Process.

  • Charge at least $1,000 for your most recent sales page

  • Have a quality sales page proposal & freebie

  • Demonstrate that you understand sales page strategy, structure, flow, etc.

Dani reviews the certification applications, and if you’re not quite there, she’ll let you know what needs to happen to achieve your certification.

Don’t get the test-sweats like you’re back in Calculus class — this isn’t that kind of assessment.

Once you’re certified, you can use your certification badge and set yourself apart from other copywriters.

** The certification process isn't currently part of the 10-week accelerator program. This may change, or there may be an opportunity in the future to apply for certification. Even without the certification, SPPS will help you level up your sales page skills and income.

Find a Supportive Launch Copywriting Community in SPPS

Working from home as a copywriter can get a smidge lonely. It’s also hard to specialize and refine your craft without a mentor or at least coworkers who will give you feedback.

When you join SPPS, you’ll gain access to the member’s only community. It’s a Facebook group for the sales page copywriters and launch copywriters inside the program.

You can ask aaaaaaaanything, even if you feel like it’s a stupid question. Chances are someone else is wondering the same thing… but they haven’t asked yet.

The copywriters inside SPPS also celebrate each other’s wins and are ready to pump you up when you’re feeling down or hitting a rough spot with a client.

You’ll gain a lot from the community, and it also provides you an opportunity to give back. You can lend your expertise, provide constructive feedback, and help a copywriter who is facing a challenge that you’ve already faced in your business.

The give and take fosters a genuine sense of camaraderie. Plus, analyzing sales pages, funnel strategy, and emails from other copywriters strengthens your skillset… double bonus!

Dani shares some screen-shots from inside SPPS on her Instagram feed. You'll see there's a theme of collaboration over competition. When the tide rises, all ships rise with it!

Some copywriters in the group have loads of experience while others are still fairly green. We all are headed the same direction however, and that’s to improve our sales page and launch copy chops so we can get better outcomes for our clients and book higher-paying jobs! 👯

The community is filled with genuine, growth-oriented copywriters. I’ll share more about who Sales Page Prep School is perfect for next.

group of women sitting around a table with coffee talking.

Is Sales Page Prep School Right For You?

SPPS isn’t for every copywriter. It’s not a magic bullet that will instantly teach you direct-response copy and bring in tons of cash.

So what copywriters would benefit from Sales Page Prep School?

Copywriters who have…

  • Written for clients online already (even if you haven’t written a sales page)

  • If you’ve never landed a paid copywriting client, or you don’t have some foundational knowledge of copywriting then SPPS probably isn’t where you should start. I’d recommend WYWTF or IBCC to help you get your copy biz off the ground… then circle back if you want to specialize in launch copy!

  • Taken a few online courses

  • If you know your way around the online course world, you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to navigating this course as well as knowing how to write for online courses.

  • Been feeling underpaid… and really want to charge more… but feel uncertain

  • Do you feel like your work is pretty good, and gets some results for your clients? Then you’re probably in the right spot.

  • Burned out on blogs or websites

  • This was me. I never wanted to write another blog or website in my career. (Although ironically, once I figured out sales pages and tucked myself into a launch copywriting niche, blogs didn’t seem so bad, so I still occasionally write them for clients.)

Sales Page Prep School isn’t for you if you’re brand new to copywriting, want to “get rich quick” and don’t care about the impact your copy has, or if your values are competition over collaboration.

Dani is extremely competitive (as you’ll learn if you read any of her bio or history) BUT part of leveling up your skills in any industry is surrounding yourself with people who are also exceptional. Surrounding yourself with the right people is powerful.

How Much Does Sales Page Prep School Cost?

The current price for the SPPS Accelerator is $997 (or three monthly payments of $397)

The last time she launched the 12-month long program, it was also $997, but the program has since been updated and expanded. Dani added a TON of helpful information since that last launch, so I’m guessing the 12-month SPPS program will at least double in price.

As a copywriter, you may already be dialed into this strategy, but a refresher is always good… most courses will have a founding members launch at a low price. This group validates the course, provides testimonials, and allows the course creator to make any needed changes.

During the next launch, the price typically increases since the course has been proven.

Then the course creator can decide to expand the program (like Dani did) and increase the price to reflect the added support or content… or they can keep the program as it is and continue to market it.

If I find out that the price has changed, I’ll update this section of the blog. I always aim to provide accurate information, but like every business owner, Dani has the ability to change her pricing and program structure whenever she pleases.

The Sales Page Prep School Refund Policy

Dani Paige offers a 14-day “Test it, Love it” Money-back guarantee.

That means you have two full weeks to cruise around the program and dive into the method to make sure this is the right program for you.

You have to take action though… you can’t buy the program and let it sit on the shelf then bail. Because in all reality, doing that won’t let your business grow and thrive. So the action-backed refund policy helps keep you accountable and taking action.

But considering everything that’s inside this course, having a 14-day money back guarantee is HUGE! (Especially when it’s a 10-week accelerator format… that’s crazy generous!)

Take Dani’s free training, read the sales page, and decide if you’re ready to become a sales page copywriter. If so, then you won’t have to worry about the refund — you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what’s inside SPPS.

Ready to Write High-Converting, Personality-Packed Sales Pages (And Get Paid More For Them?)

In the world of copywriting, specialization is the key to mastery and prosperity. And when it comes to crafting compelling sales pages, you don’t want to be just good—you want to be exceptional.

Joining Sales Page Prep School helps you deliver the results your clients are looking for AND find more clients so you can avoid those pesky seasons of drought that tend to crop up in copywriting.

If you're ready to step up, earn more, and be the sales page specialist that clients rave about, then SPPS is your ticket.

Check out Dani’s free copywriting masterclass HERE.

And jump into Sales Page Prep School HERE.

I’ll see ya on the inside!

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