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Website in a Weekend


Combining a unique understanding of OT, websites & SEO to get your business online without the hassle. 

Mock up image of occupational therapy website in a weekend website template and online course.
You're taking the leap and starting your business!


But you had no idea building a website would be such a hassle!

You didn't learn about building websites in school, and it's not what you want to be doing.


You have better things to work on during the start-up phase — like serving your clients. 

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Of course you’ve found generic templates, tutorials, landing pages, and even free options out there… but they’re not what you want.
arrows pointing to website course info
Or you could pay for a designer and copywriter to create a grand website... but honestly, you will probably end up revising your website during your first few years in business, and every change means another fee.

You want a website that represents your company well -

And ensures potential clients can find you and trust you.

Nothing super fancy, but definitely nothing bland.
image of a desktop with a computer, notebook, coffee and flowers
You also don't want to spend every evening battling a generic website template that doesn't quite meet your needs. 
You can save time, keep more cash in your pocket, and be able to modify your website as your business grows.

You’ve found the solution —

Website in a Weekend 

arrows pointing to website course info

This is your chance to be the savvy business owner you know you are — reclaiming your time by investing in a resource that gets your business online without the hassle. 

A one-page, therapy-focused website template plus an online course for occupational therapists
Krista Frahm with ocean in background, curly hair blowing in face. Website in a weekend creator.
Hey, Krista Frahm here!

I’m an occupational therapist turned copywriter. My copywriting business focuses on helping awesome therapists (like you) connect with the clients whose problems you solve.

I specialize in launch copy and email marketing… but I’ve written more than a few websites and collaborated with different designers. 

As my copywriting business grew, I saw a trend emerge...

Brand new therapy business owners wanted to have a beautiful website that clearly explained their unique services and impact… but they were struggling with the design and what to write. 

I also saw the real cost barrier of copywriting and design services for fledgling OT businesses. I wanted to help new occupational therapy business owners succeed. 

This is why I created Website in a Weekend

to help you launch a website that you can be proud of, without going nuts in the process. 

image of Krista Frahm, website in a weekend creator smiling at camera with her website and window in the background

What’s Included in Website in a Weekend

website in a weekend mock up showing occupational therapy website and online course
Website in a Weekend includes a website template created for therapy businesses, PLUS an online course that will guide you through everything you need — from setup to brand colors to writing your copy. 

It's the resource you need to efficiently publish your first website and shorten your task list.

More about what's inside:

No more freebies with conflicting advice or generic templates that don’t quite fit your business. I’ve done the leg-work for you so you can quickly get your therapy website online and attracting customers. 


Website in a Weekend Saves You Money 

Image of a woman working on her laptop, looking concerned and holding papers

When you create a simple website first, you’ll be able to easily adjust your design and copy to stay aligned with the direction of your business.

You can review the course anytime you want to make changes. 

Time is your most valuable resource. Spend it wisely. 

A custom website design + copywriting costs anywhere from $4K to $10K.

This isn't reasonable for everyone starting a small business, especially solopreneurs. 

This template + course gives you a solid, affordable, quick start.

Your business will change over the first year or two. You'll narrow your focus, uncover new passions, and figure out exactly who you serve and what your company stands for.

Website in a Weekend is available for only $297.

If you're dreaming of starting your business, or you're starting now — it's a great time to secure this website template + course.


You'll be set up for success and avoid hours of frustration trying to create your website from scratch.


How Does Website in a Weekend Work?

  • Purchase Website in a Weekend and gain immediate access to the course. 
  • If you don't have a Squarespace account, wait until I invite you to create one. 
  • I grab your template, change the permissions, and invite you to your new Squarespace site within 24 hours of purchase. 
  • You get an email invite from Squarespace (accept the invite!)
  • I transfer ownership of the website to you.
  • You use the course, prompts, and template to create your first therapy website!
website in a weekend mock up. Website template for occupational therapists and online course

Website in a Weekend


Get your business online and attract clients — fast.

website in a weekend mock up. Website template for occupational therapists and online course

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”

—John Pierpont “J.P.” Morgan

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