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Are you looking for an experienced health and wellness copywriter? 

Or do you want to become a copywriter?

Either way, I'm here to help you reach your goals. 

Here are some quick options for you: 

Years ago, I was searching for a non-clinical, remote career that would give me a flexible schedule. I wanted to prioritize my kids and our family. 

Now I run a copywriting business and have specialized in direct-response copy (sales pages, email marketing, and paid ad copy.)

Below, you'll learn a bit more about me. Reach out on Instagram if you have questions, I'd love to connect! 

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I'm Krista Frahm, a marketing strategist and copywriter.


I provide connection-focused email marketing and sales page copy for health and wellness professionals.

The end result is more sales for you and clients finding the programs that will *finally* solve their frustrating problems.

If you're increasing clients' independence, dignity, and quality of life with your offer, we should connect. 

Medical Copywriting With Heat

I spent over a decade as an OT throughout the rehab spectrum — from the ICU to home health and everything in between.


I understand the struggles, feelings, and experiences your clients have. 


I’ve held their hands, wiped their tears (and more), hauled in equipment, and worked through all kinds of sticky situations to help clients regain their independence and dignity. 


I know the heartache of working inside a broken system and seeing people fall through the cracks.

Krista Frahm, Sales Copywriter standing in deep snow.
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Your business is part of the solution — you’re providing life-changing offers to the people who need it most -- and I'm here for it. 


Let’s make sure your audience finds your offer and resonates with your message...


then they can (finally) get the support and solutions they deserve.

Why work with a copywriter who's also a licensed OT? 

You won’t find sleazy or iffy tactics here.

Ethical marketing helps people understand there's a solution. It empowers them to make educated decisions for their lives.
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