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Is There a Discount Code for Write Your Way to Freedom? (Or Promo code? Or Sale?)

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

New Update: You can pay for WYWTF with flexible monthly payments. Sarah and her team have added a 3rd party funding option which allows monthly payments to be as low as $360/month.

Write Your Way to Freedom (WYWTF) by Sarah Turner is a comprehensive copywriting course that includes live coaching, weekly Q&A sessions, and a copywriting community that includes over 3,000 members.

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The cost of WYWTF increased, so naturally, you want to know if there is a discount code for Write Your Way to Freedom (or a promo code.)

Because nobody has extra money to throw away, right?

This post sheds light on the pricing of WYWTF — including answering your questions about discounts, promotions, sales, or coupons. (*affiliate links present in this blog.)

First things first…

Is there a discount code for the Write Your Way to Freedom copywriting course?

I’m sorry to say, there is no discount code available for WYWTF. 😞

I scoured the internet before I joined WYWTF and clicked on all sorts of sites (that I now know are spam) while I was searching for this answer. I was just SURE that I’d be able to find some type of back-door discount for this copywriting course if I searched hard enough.

But alas, I found none of these for Sarah Turner’s course:

  • Discount code

  • Promo code

  • Coupon code

  • WYWTF Sale

I came up empty-handed every time I searched for a way to save money. Which is a bummer, because...

At least you now know the answer. Instead of spending hours searching for a discount, you can move on with starting your copywriting business by clicking below:

Here's another question that may be on your mind...

Does WYWTF Ever Go on Sale?

If there’s no discount code, your next question may be if Sarah Turner ever runs sales for her copywriting course.

This is an excellent question, especially if it’s close to Thanksgiving and Black Friday when it seems eeeeeeeeevery business runs a sale.

It’s frustrating to buy a course and then find out that it’s 40% cheaper the following week, right?

Well… I have good news and bad news…

Write Your Way to Freedom has never gone on sale… and I don’t think any sales are coming.

If you’ve been hanging on and hoping you’ll see an ad or post that announces a copywriting course sale… well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are no sales for WYWTF.

There’s not a discount or secret sale in the follow-up emails that come after the free copywriting masterclass either. So if you’re interested in becoming a copywriter and you want to join WYWTF, there’s no reason to wait.

You’re already thinking like a marketer though… which will serve you well as a copywriter. Often there ARE special discounts or bonus offers in the follow-up emails after a Masterclass. I seriously recommend checking for discounts on everything you purchase. It will pay off sometimes! (Just not this time, sorry friend! I hoped for a discount too.)

When you book a call to join WYWTF, I've heard you're offered a price that expires a certain amount of time after your call. The price they offer is the best option.

** The 3rd new party payment option can also lessen the financial impact of joining WYWTF. There's no prepayment penalty and it's a soft credit pull to apply. You can review the best offers with a funding specialist before making your final decision to join WYWTF.

Websites Offering Promo Codes and Coupon Codes for Sarah Turner’s WYWTF are Spam

You've likely taken a Googling journey that's similar to what I did in 2021, snooping in all sorts of corners of the internet to try and uncover a discount code for WYWTF.

Websites may even say they have a discount code for WYWTF... but websites sometimes use your “click” as permission to download to your computer or read your information. They don't *actually* have the discount code. They are spam.

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. ← This will serve you well throughout your journey to becoming a copywriter. Each time you look into software, training, and equipment you should decide if you trust the website or if it seems too good to be true.


Side note:

⏱️ Here’s a time-saving way to search websites for discounts, coupons, promos, and sales in case you need it for other online purchases:

  • Right-click on the page and choose “inspect”

  • This will bring up the website code.

  • Now click “ctrl + F” which will provide the search feature

  • Search for coupon, sale, promo code etc.

You'll be able to quickly find any discounts or promotions if they're embedded on the website somewhere.


If you’ve been searching the web for copywriting course discounts instead of learning to become a copywriter, I feel your pain. I did the same thing for far too long.

In this digital world, it’s hard not to feel like you’re missing a discount… but as of right now there are no WYWTF discounts and Sarah Turner has never run a sale.

If you want to become a copywriter, the first step is Sarah's Masterclass.

Why are there no discount codes, coupons, promos, or sales for Sarah Turner’s Write Your Way to Freedom course?

You may be feeling a bit frustrated by the lack of discounts, which is totally understandable.

WYWTF is not cheap and it’s a bit scary to invest that much money into an online course. I felt the same way before I joined in 2021.

Sarah Turner intentionally doesn’t offer discounts or sales for Write Your Way to Freedom.

Sarah’s view is that businesses that run sales on digital products train audiences to wait for a sale. It decreases the value of the offer when it is occasionally sold for a lower price.

Kinda makes sense, right?

If you knew that a sale was coming up for WYWTF, wouldn’t you wait to purchase?

And then, wouldn’t you also wonder if another, better sale was going to come at some point? (Making you want to wait even longer…?)

Sometimes having sales makes prospective customers freeze. They’re constantly wondering if a better deal will be coming soon… so they just keep on waiting instead of taking action and building the copywriting business they’ve been dreaming about.

There’s another reason Sarah doesn’t run sales or discounts for Write Your Way to Freedom…

Can you imagine the number of refund requests or price-matching requests the WYWTF team would get as soon as a sale was announced? 🤯

Anyone who purchased the course for full price would feel ripped off, and if they were still in the 14-day refund window you know they’d ask for the refund and purchase at the lower price. It would be an admin nightmare… with processing fees going down the drain.

That's why there are no sales or hidden discounts for WYWTF.

How much is Write Your Way to Freedom by Sarah Turner?

Since we’re talking about discounts, we should probably talk about the price as well, right?

I provide a full breakdown of the price and why it changed from around $2000 to $5800 in this blog → How Much does Write Your Way to Freedom cost? (2023 Update).

Currently, Sarah Turner’s copywriting course is $5800.

WYWTF has payment plans available, including:

  • One payment of $5800

  • Two payments of $3000

  • Four payments of $1600


Sarah Turner has added 3rd party funding which allows for flexible monthly payments and an easier start for students.

This offers affordable monthly payments, and no prepayment penalty. They'll do a soft pull which doesn't affect your credit score and then you review the offers with a funding specialist before making your final decision.

So, this isn't a discount, but it does allow you to spread the payments out as you build your business.

**Remember, I keep this info as updated as possible, but please verify this information during your strategy session if you choose to join. (And if anything is different, let me know!)

When I joined, I initially signed up for a payment plan because I was concerned that this may not be legit. Once I was inside and I saw the content, met people, and attended a few live Q&A sessions and I realized that Write Your Way to Freedom was not a scam.

When I saw that WYWTF was legit, I decided to pay in full so I could get the lowest price rather than sticking with a payment plan, which you can see above adds up to a higher total amount.

I recommend choosing a payment plan that works for your financial situation.

💰 If you have $5800 to invest upfront, then you’ll get the best price available. But if paying $5800 will put you or your family in financial hardship, then, by all means, use the payment plan options.

Many people start earning money within 3 months of joining Write Your Way to Freedom.

If you’ve invested in the course and you need it to pay for itself, then work through the modules and take action even when you’re feeling scared. Lean on the community, weekly Q&A sessions, and bonus coaching sessions to jump-start your copywriting business and pay off the course.

In summary…

There’s no coupon code, discount, promo, or sale for Sarah Turner’s Write Your Way to Freedom copywriting course.

Discounts and sales aren't part of Sarah Turner's marketing methods at this time.

If you want to become a copywriter, and Write Your Way to Freedom has caught your attention, the first step is taking the free Copywriting Masterclass. It’s a great way to get a feel for Sarah’s teaching style and personality.

And when you’re ready to take the leap, schedule your Strategy Session with the WYWTF team and join us in the community.

If you have more questions, check out the blog posts below or shoot me a message on IG: @KristaFrahmAgency



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