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Copywriting Packages 
for Occupational Therapists
& Innovators

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Funnel Vision Package

Creating a funnel to convert leads to customers, or reviewing and revising your existing funnel. 

This package includes: 

  • One Long-Form Landing Page

  • Five Emails after opt-in

  • Professional Edits + Two rounds of revisions from me to make sure the copy is juuuuuust right! 

  • Delivered in an easy-to-copy Google Doc

💥 Bonus 💥

A round of revisions one month later for any emails with low open rates or aspects of the funnel that are lagging a bit. 


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Launch With Confidence Package

You've researched your audience, identified the problem, and created a phenomenal course to launch... now you need your audience to sign up! 

This package includes: 

  • One personality-packed sales page that turns curious browsers into customers.

  • Ten Emails spanning from opt-in to last-call. Identifying pain points and pointing to your solutions. 

  • Five Social Media captions to generate buzz, draw in new leads, and bring people to your sales page. 

You have the solutions they're looking for, copywriting connects the dots for them to ensure they see the solution! 


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Spruce Up Your Website
SEO Web Copy

Your website is often your first impression, but only if it shows up in a Google search.


Optimize your SEO and move your page up in the results without paying for Google ads.

This package includes: 

1. SEO Audit of your website

2. Keyword planning

3. Four Pages of Web Page Copy

  • SEO integration in headings and body of copy

  • Metadescriptions

  • Titles

  • Brand voice and tone throughout

  • Linking strategy between pages


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Rank Higher and Grow Package 🚀

Clients read multiple pieces of web copy before taking action. Make sure your potential clients have high-quality, highly-ranked content that will bring them in.

This one month package includes: 

One Pillar Blog Post

  • 2500-3500 words

  • Aimed to capture the top spot in Google searches for your phrase

  • CTAs to drive sales

Three Standard SEO Blogs

  • 1500-2000 words

  • CTAs to drive sales

Four Engaging Emails

  • Notify your audience and generate traffic to your blogs. 

Four Social Media Blurbs

  • Announce your posts and offers to a wider audience to increase traffic. 


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Data & Research

I invest in my business by researching trends, techniques and your audience to help your business grow. 


Reputable sources and techniques will empower your target audience to take action and reach out to your business. 

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All copy is delivered in a clearly laid out Google Doc. This reduces draft confusion and ensures we can both access the copy as needed during the revisions process. 

All copy includes professional, 3rd party editing and up to two rounds of revisions from me to make sure we publish the highest level of copy for your business! 

Copy does not include images or uploading to your platforms. 


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Customer Service

My mission is to give you freedom. To help your business thrive through excellent copy and online presence.


I bring the right clients to your website, then convert them to repeat customers as you provide excellent service to them.


I'm here for you.


Other Copywriting Packages

Need a custom package? No problem.

Send me a message or book a call on my calendar and we can discuss your specific copywriting needs. 

Ready For Copywriting?

Free consultation... Discovery call... Coffee chat...

Whatever you call it, there's no pressure. I want to get to know you and your business to ensure we'll be a great match before we book a project. 


Who do I work with? 

I write for businesses that improve independence, dignity, and quality of life. This often means occupational therapists, MedTech entrepreneurs, or coaches who are helping others grow. 

You have the inspiration and your business is growing because you work hard and provide amazing services. 


I am here to give you an edge and accelerate your growth through the power of words and your online presence.

Copywriting for occupational therapists, physical therapists, and innovators

  • More time with your family

  • More time for leisure activities

  • More time for traveling

  • Time for whatever you want!

Copywriting ensures your site:

  • Ranks high in Google searches

  • Compels people to sign up for your services

  • Provides meaningful, helpful information for your clients

  • Establishes you as an expert in the field

  • Captures your unique voice and philosophy

  • Makes it easy for clients or families to sign up with you