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Are you expanding beyond 1:1 services in the health & wellness industry?

Ready for an authentic sales page that sells out your online offer? 

(Without a whiff of salesy-sleaze) 


Krista Frahm, sales page copywriter, holding a laptop and leaning against a wall with a brown circle pattern

Powerful sales page copywriting to bring in more right-fit clients

Booking the VIP Sales Page Service ensures you get a sales page that represents your online offer and connects with your audience.

Which means more sales and more lives changed!


Here's how the magic happens:  

  • Gaining a deep understanding of your brand, offer, and audience during a 1:1 kick-off call

  • Connecting with two of your fav customers during research calls so I nail your course's transformation

  • Leveraging a tried and true framework and flow for your sales page

  • Organizing, refining, and delivering copy that's easy to review and publish 

✨ The end result ✨
A sales page that you're proud of and that puts more money in your account!

You invested years into your specialty knowledge.
You get incredible results for your clients.

And you're still growing… you’re stepping beyond “the way it’s always been done” by creating an online offer that can change even MORE people’s lives. 

And yet… that offer isn’t selling like you thought it would. 


(Meanwhile, Joe-Shmoe is selling half-baked solutions like crazy despite having no real knowledge in the topic area… infuriating, right?)

You know that the standard of care won’t shift unless you connect with the people who need you.


It's not like you haven't put in the work... 

  • You’ve shown up on social media — posting reels and “providing value” to try to get the word out. 


  • You agonized over creating a website and presenting your course on it. 


  • You’ve read the books, attended the webinars, and even hired a coach who gave you a whole notebook full of ideas and strategies… but it feels like putting together a puzzle without the box lid.

And you’re smart — you could figure out copywriting, sales funnels, and marketing… but you don’t have time. There’s a waitlist of people depending on you to show them how to improve their health and get back to living a vibrant life.

When you shut your laptop at midnight (again), you wonder if this online business idea will ever become profitable… 

You are more than a billable unit producer… way more

You deserve to step away from the time-for-money trap

What would it feel like if you could...

⭐️ finally cross “make a sales page” off your list so people could find and purchase your course? 

⭐️ find a person who understood the healthcare grind, provider ethics, AND sales page copy?

Who's behind the VIP Sales Page Service anyway? 

Ah yes, I should probably introduce myself.

I’m Krista — a mom, wife, nature lover, copywriter and… seasoned occupational therapist 


That's right, I’m a clinician too. 

From the ICU to SNF to home healthcare… I’ve done Max A transfers in sweaty isolation gowns, been chewed out by 95-year-olds, and looked at my schedule with dismay wondering how I’d meet productivity without compromising my personal standards. 

Krista Frahm, Sales page copywriter looking at camera and smiling

When I became a copywriter, I quickly saw a problem. Self-proclaimed experts were leading in spaces where practitioners should've been thriving. 

Krista Frahm, copywriter with snow/ice and a lake in the background. Making a skeptical face.

Seeing clinicians with incredible depth of knowledge have unsuccessful online courses while some random person spreads shallow solutions makes my blood boil.


I know your heart and that you’re operating in a broken system. The system is what makes it so hard to make the impact you desire. 

I write for health and wellness practitioners who are creating solutions.
It's time to outrank and outsell those other guys.

✨ Because you deserve it. 

✨ Your clients deserve it.


That's exactly why I created... 


The VIP Sales Page Service


A done-for-you sales page copywriting service to help you impact more lives by selling more online offers 

When you invest in the VIP Sales Page Service, you’ll: 

  • Have a high-converting, ethical sales page you can be proud of.

  • Increase your income and impact by getting your course into more people’s hands.

  • Save on long-term marketing costs when leads convert instead of clicking away from your page

  • Finally check “sales page” off your list without spending hours worrying about what to write. 

  • Be released from the pressure of answering all the questions in your emails and DMs – your sales page will answer them for you.


How does The VIP Sales Page Service work? 

Changemakers never stay surface-level, so neither do I. You can expect a deep dive into your program, brand, and audience. This allows us to get the highest possible conversions. 

Here’s the method behind the magic: 


We’ll book an in-depth research call where I gather information from you regarding your course, the transformation, and your audience’s unique behaviors and needs. 

I’ll also get into your course to pull data (like module names & outcomes) and look for undiscovered gems that we can highlight for your audience.


Your tone, your words, your vibe… I immerse myself in ALL of it. This is what makes your sales page resonate with your audience in an authentic way. They will “hear” your heart in your sales copy. 


Next, I book two calls with people who have completed your course. I gather all kinds of juicy outcomes that you’ve been too humble to acknowledge. 


These aren’t random customers — my aim is to book calls with the people who are your “picture perfect students” that you wish you had 100 more of to go through your program.

I also sneak around the internet to gather stories from more of your ideal clients. 


You focus on serving your clients as I craft your sales page. I surround myself with your brand, offer, audience, and anything else I need to ensure your sales page copy is top-notch. 

I’ll absolutely reach out if I have questions or need anything… but this is the step where your investment REALLY pays off because the load is off your shoulders.


Your shiny new sales page copy will be delivered in a Google Doc with a video walkthrough to explain the strategy and flow of the sales page. 


You’ll review the page and let me know if there are any edits you’d like. You get two opportunities for revisions and then the copy is ready to go live!

"A breeze to work with"

"You'll be pleased with the process and the product. Krista is warm, professional, creative, and a breeze to work with."

Dawn F.

Memorial Pediatrics

"Krista's writing is a huge asset"

"I often wonder how this special person can articulate things in new ways that leave me, a founder of our organization, feeling refreshed."

Rachel R. 

Roots School

"It really did sound like me"

"YEAH, that is what this is! I think my mouth dropped open a few times b/c it really did sound like me."


Pathways Neuro Rehab

Ready to supercharge your course sales and finally diversify your revenue?

Investment: $2987


The VIP Sales Page Promise

You’re here because you want to make an impact in the lives of more people and break up with the time-for-money trap at the same time. 

You’re ready to share your knowledge with a much larger audience than your 1:1 services… and I know I can help you with this goal. 


When you book The VIP Sales Page Service — you get a smooth process that doesn’t steal your time or energy. I’ll do deep research into your program and audience, and create polished, authentic sales page copy. Your curious leads will turn into customers who are ready for big life changes. 


I provide the strategy, detail, knowledge, and support you need to make your next launch the best one yet. You’ll get a sales page that feels great and does some serious work in your sales funnel.

You're a perfect fit for the VIP Sales Page Service if these resonate with you...

You are…

  • A passionate healthcare provider (or adjacent to healthcare) driven to change lives with your unique knowledge and offer 

  • Frustrated by lackluster course sales and KNOW more people will benefit from your program if they get their hands on it

You have…

  • A proven program or course — one that you’ve launched at least once with stellar feedback from the participants. 

  • A unique way of solving your audience’s frustrations — no lukewarm or status-quo options for you! 


You want…


  • A sales page that pulls its weight and makes people excited to click the “checkout” button without sending you a zillion questions first.


  • One solid spot to send your leads to so your outreach efforts aren’t in vain. 


And more than anything you… 


  • Understand marketing is an investment. When it’s done right, you know it more than pays for itself.  

  • Are conscious of not being pushy or salesy with your marketing, because you want the right-fit clients who will reap the greatest benefits. 

  • Are ethical and want to sell with integrity and a focus on impact and outcomes for your customers.


You’re not selling to people. You’re helping them come to the best decision for themselves — regardless of what they decide.

Does this sound like you?

Then let’s connect! 

Hey there changemaker — nice to meet ya
Krista Frahm, Sales Copywriter standing in deep snow.

I’m Krista — word nerd, and enthusiastic sales page wizard who frequently has to push the cat off the keyboard so I can keep rap-tap-tapping away.


I’m here for the healthcare movers and shakers who are breaking out of the status quo in order to reach more clients with impactful solutions through online courses and programs.  And I’m honored that you found your way over here. 


As an OT I've faced many of the same frustrations as you (unless you found some sort of healthcare utopia… and if you have — let me in!) 

There were too many patients and never enough time or resources to address all their problems. No matter how hard I worked and how scrappy I got, I had a constant nagging feeling that it wasn’t enough. Leaving problems unaddressed or unsolved is like a burr under my saddle.

The healthcare frustrations snowballed with moving to a rural area with limited jobs, the you-know-what virus, and no childcare... I had to make a career pivot. 

So a few years ago, I started to dabble in copywriting as an alternative career path. Pretty soon I had a copywriting business running!

Krista Frahm, copywriter smiling at the camera with laptop closed on the desk.

That's when it struck me — 

If healthcare providers could clearly communicate their offers and ability to help people in unique ways, SO MANY more people would live vibrant, healthy lives. 

Copywriting is the bridge between struggling patients and the providers who have solutions. 

I’ve written a bit of everything, but sales pages are my passion — and my signature service. 

You see, I’m on a mission to provide exceptional sales pages (without an ounce of sleaze) and promote outside-the-box health and wellness solutions.


Your course will FINALLY reach the people who need it most and you’ll become the go-to resource in your niche.


FAQ's about The VIP Sales Page Service

My course isn’t high-ticket… do I need a long sales page? 

Many people wonder why you need a 3K sales page for a $200 course. Remember, a sales page is a long-term investment. You’ll use it for years to come as a strategic spot for you to direct traffic and leads. It helps them understand if this is the right offer to (finally) solve the nagging problems they have. Even a less expensive course can have a significant return on investment when the volume of courses sold increases drastically after improving the sales copy. It doesn’t hurt to test a short sales page or even just a checkout page for your offer if you’re curious — marketing is all about experimenting to see what works. If you’re not happy with the conversion rate or amount of sales from the shorter page, then jump on my calendar and we can upgrade your page.

Should I write my own page… or invest in copywriting?

If this is the first time you’re launching or selling your program — writing your own sales page may make sense. You’ll learn loads during your first launch, and there’s a good chance you’ll make some revisions to your offer. The information from your first launch and your students will better position your offer during all following launches (and then into evergreen if that’s your preference) So… if your offer has proven itself, and you don’t want to dilly-dally around with tasks outside your zone of genius — then outsourcing your sales page to a professional copywriter makes sense. Sales copy is a totally different style of writing than what you were taught in school — and even further from clinical documentation. (My editor actually said that she can always spot a healthcare-trained writer… apparently, we don’t use complete sentences and often forget to add emotion… oops!🤖) That’s why I’ve invested years and thousands of dollars into learning copywriting, and specifically, sales page copywriting — it’s a specialty within a specialty. When you receive your sales page copy, you can rest assured that hours of research, interviews, data mining, writing, revising, editing, and more went into the finished product. You’ll have a sales page that connects with your customers, represents your brand, and sells your course on autopilot.

How can you make the sales page sound like me?

It’s called 👻 Ghost-writing. Which is writing in someone else’s name without anyone else realizing it. This is hands-down one of the most common concerns that clinicians have when they outsource writing. I wonder if it stems from our conditioning around documentation… because having someone else document for you would be bad news, right? You’d be surprised how many coaches, creators, and even authors have other people write for them. Writing in your voice and being aligned with your brand is essential to being a copywriter. We’ll discuss this during the intake call and I’ll gather swipes of your voice to help me embody you while I write. And as an extra layer of safety — I provide 2 rounds of revisions to make sure you feel rock solid about the voice and tone. People are often pleasantly surprised at how much it DOES sound like them when they read it!

I don’t want a sleazy sales page that sounds like a used car salesman… how can I be sure I won’t have one of these? 

I’m with you here — sleazy sales pages that oversell for coaches who under-deliver are the W-O-R-S-T! This is the leading reason I don’t work with just any course creator or coach. I want to make sure you’re creating offers with the customer in mind… not only your bottom line. Another way I combat overselling is this: I often ask clients the question, “Does any part of this sales page oversell your offer?” If anything is a bit over-stated, we figure out how to rein in the copy, or what can be added to the program to meet the promise. Just the fact that you’re asking this question tells me we’ll get along well in the world of marketing. My brand values include transparency and authenticity — always real, never fake. The sales page will be long, but it won’t be filled with empty promises, smokescreens, or mirrors that are meant to trick your customers. No way.

I already wrote a sales page… can you just tweak it? 

Maybe. Some sales pages need a revamp while others require a full rewrite. If you think your page is pretty solid, or if you had help writing it while in a coaching program, the Funnel Assessment & Tx Plan package may be the right starting point for you. With this package, I audit your sales funnel and provide both big picture and nitty-gritty feedback for you to implement. It may be just what you need to optimize your sales page and increase conversions. Send me a message to learn more about the Funnel Assessment & Tx Plan.

Do you guarantee the sales page copy will work?

Guarantees are something I tend to ask about too — I want to reassure my concerned mind as I take a step into the unknown. Here’s the thing with marketing — it’s a calculated experiment. It’s a bit like patient care… we know what is supposed to work, we know what’s been shown to work, and we follow guidelines and protocols in an attempt to ensure the outcomes are excellent. We also rely on our experiences and expertise to supplement textbook knowledge and course-correct as we learn more. I use the same mentality with copywriting. I use guidelines, protocols, experience, and a bit of intuition to create unique copy for each person. I guarantee I’ll dive into your online offer and ideal client. I’ll give your sales page 100% — leveraging my resources and copy network too. I follow a process and framework that brings results.

How does this process work?

Excellent question — and I love a good system and a process! First — you fill out the application to make sure a VIP Sales Page Service is your ticket to success. Next — You'll pick one of my next available project dates and secure your spot by putting 50% down. (I’ll send an invoice. It's easy!) Then the sales page process starts… which is covered in detail higher up on this page!

Do you write other sales copy, like the check-out page and email sequences? 

Smart question — because a sales page is one piece of a marketing funnel. Yes, I DO write launch emails, checkout pages, thank you pages, and I complete full funnel assessments as well. Your sales page is the heavy-hitter in the sales funnel. I find it best to start with it and make sure it’s rock-solid. After that, we can discuss expanding your copy project to include emails or other pages. Afterall, launches have a lot of pieces that need to be cohesive and streamlined to make sure your incoming clients have the best possible experience and are excited to start with you!

Let’s level about your sales page… 

Your sales page is THE THING that works behind the scenes to make sales for you — even while you’re sleeping or on vacation. 


What happens if you don’t outsource your sale page copywriting?


➡️ You’ll continue hustling on social media gaining random followers instead of qualified leads. 


➡️ You’ll spend hours DMing people and scheduling sales calls where you answer the same questions and objections — on repeat. 


➡️ You’ll still feel like you’re doing ALL THE THINGS and throwing spaghetti at the wall with your marketing efforts. 


And most of all, you’ll still be working all the hours at your day job because your online business isn’t sustaining itself like you hoped it would. 


But that’s not the path I want for you. 


You deserve better — which is why I’ve refined my process and skills to help clinicians like you jump out of the sales rut and get a high-converting sales funnel that does the heavy lifting for you. 


Your sales page is the one spot to direct your traffic and leads to. It answers their questions, calms their fears, and helps them decide if your course is the right fit for their needs. Your sales funnel will connect, nurture, and convert — and it all pivots around a solid sales page that future customers can come back to again and again until they’re sure they can’t live without your course. 


Your investment in The VIP Sales Page Service allows you to step back and take a deep, centering breath — knowing your course sales are on their way up. You may even earn enough to cut back your clinical hours or take the family vacation you’ve been dreaming of. 

Remember why you created this course in the first place… you saw an unmet need and knew you could help people who will otherwise continue to struggle. If they don’t find — or understand your course they’ll either continue to flounder or they’ll spend their money on a course created by someone far less qualified and equipped to support them in a holistic, research-informed way. 


In full transparency - I only accept 2 sales page projects per month, so depending on when your launch is, you’ll want to plan ahead and have your sales page written and designed in time for your launch. 


This allows me to dive F-U-L-L-Y into your offer, brand, and messaging. (I basically embody you as much as humanly possible while I’m writing. I even switch up my background music to find the right headspace for each different client!)

But it also means that space is limited — so go ahead and book a call to work together. I can’t wait to see what you’re creating over there!

IMG_1858 Large.jpeg

One thing before you go...

I totally understand this feels like a huge decision and investment when there’s no absolute guarantee for anything in marketing (or life really.) 

Here’s the bottom line… 


It’s time to get your online course off the bottom of the Google results and onto the laptops of clients who are scouring the internet for solutions. 


I’m here to provide proven, high-level sales page copy for your course that’s also backed by a decade of “in the trenches” clinical experience. I’ll take care of your sales page (and the full funnel if you’d like) while you focus on serving your clients, creating more courses, and *actually* taking time off to find occupational balance in life again. 🤩 


And if you’ve made it this far on the page, my guess is you’re passionate and committed to making a difference in people’s lives where “the status quo” is falling miserably short. I’m here to support you on this journey — whether you book now, 6 months, or even a few years down the road.


Here’s a recap of what you'll get with The VIP Sales Page Service

  • A deep dive into your offer during a 1:1 call

  • Voice of customer research via two 1:1 calls with happy clients of yours

  • More voice of customer research in all the nooks and crannies of the internet

  • A tried and true framework and flow for your sales page

  • Two rounds of revisions (as needed) to make sure you loooove your sales page

  • Sales page copy delivered in an organized Google Doc so your designer can efficiently and effectively publish a beautiful AND effective page.

The end result is a strategic sales page copy you’re happy to drive all your traffic to and that consistently generates revenue for you! 


Yours for $2987

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