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You’ve worked incredibly hard to get where you are now.  You provide the best services to your clients, now it’s time to propel your business to the top through copywriting.  

Let me help you by boosting your online presence and attracting the right clientele. You can focus on what matters most- the people.


When the right clients find you, your business thrives and your outcomes improve.

I have spent over 10 years in healthcare as an Occupational Therapist. Inpatient, outpatient, short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and home healthcare. I have completed chart audits and was selected to join the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) team while working in Home Healthcare. QAPI focuses on analyzing data, identifying target areas, and creating action plans to improve performance and ratings. 

I have an eye for detail (just ask the therapists whose charts I audited). I love working with words and painting a story for the reader to fully understand a situation. 


Most clinicians despise documentation, it's often called the worst part of the job. I generally don't mind documentation. Writing persuasively is a way to ensure my patients received the maximum appropriate services. By using persuasive writing and painting a picture of my patient through words, I help them get their lives back instead of getting insurance denials. 

Copywriting Experience and Results

I have been copywriting for the past few years for a non-profit, private school.  Our social media presence has transformed from almost zero to nearly 500 followers on Facebook and over 300 on Instagram, with some targeted posts reaching over 1,000 people.

After promoting the most recent fundraiser, the school brought in $20,000 OVER their goal, in part due to social media promotions, and copywriting that reached our audience and inspired them to act. 


I have also provided consultations to small business owners locally and around the country. I have written landing pages, blogs, and sales emails for multiple companies. I love the challenge of writing for a diverse group of business owners!

Check out some of my work: 

More About Me:
  • I was born in Colorado, raised primarily in Wyoming, spent my childhood summers in the Midwest, and lived in California a few summers. Now we call Washington home. 

  • I homeschool two wonderful, active, and creative boys.

  • We love to travel. 

  • I love warm weather, beaches...and snowboarding. 

  • I love water. Lakes, oceans, rivers, even swimming pools. 

  • I have always liked writing and I'm excited to make it a career. 

  • I can promote anything IF it provides great value and helps other people. 

Not A Therapist? Don't worry.

I'd still love to connect and help you out!

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Why Copywriting For Therapists?


I have experience as an Occupational Therapist clinician in many areas.  Acute, skilled nursing facilities, home health, outpatient, and long-term acute. I've also worked in both urban & rural facilities.

Every setting has its own target audience and language. 

I know the terminology, techniques and can address your client's frustrations to inspire them to contact you.


Patients want to find the expert (that's you!) to address their issue, not just a general clinician. 

I understand the time crunch and productivity expectations that can weigh us down as clinicians. 

I understand how cancellations and unfilled appointment slots impact the bottom line.

I also understand that bringing in the wrong clients to your clinic can do more harm than good. Some people are never happy, they will complain no matter how amazing your service is.

When we attract patients who need your specialized services, you can use your strengths to provide amazing outcomes.  Happy patients tell their friends and refer others to your clinic.  When you win over one patient, you often get their friends as well. 

I can help identify the unique attributes of your clinic and highlight your target audience based on your interests and specialty certifications. We can then target your outreach to find the patients that you want coming into your clinic. 

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Understands the Target Audience

Krista also demonstrates her writing prowess as she understands the target audience and crafts her message, using just the right words, so the message relates to them. 


Krista’s talent is truly amazing and I often wonder incredulously as I read each new post how this special person can articulate things in new ways that leave me, a founder of our organization, feeling refreshed and like I discovered a new facet of who we are that I never enjoyed before. Bottom line: Krista's writing is a huge asset!

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