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Increase Your Income
And Impact With
Sales Copy That Connects


It's time for marketing that brings in more money and amplifies your impact 

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

✔️ "The way it's always been done" isn't for you.

✔️ Your mission includes improving quality of life, dignity, or independence.


✔️ You have a health and wellness business with either online programs or products.

Krista Frahm, copywriter, smiling at the camera with a computer sitting on the table in front of her.
Woman on Computer

You’re losing customers (and revenue) when your marketing is scattered…

But you're swamped with the day-to-day demands of your business. 


There’s always more to get done. So the marketing moves down the list -- again. 

You may also be thinking… 


  • Marketers you've hired before didn't understand healthcare or your niche offer


  • You have some online funnels but aren't sure what to do to make yours bring in more money.


  • You wish you could wave a magic wand and optimize your email sequences and landing pages.


How about marketing that resonates with your clients and drives sales?

Get marketing funnels that work so you don't spend time or energy second-guessing.


Instead, you can focus on what you do best — creating innovative offers and serving your clients.  

Krista Frahm, health and wellness copywriter, smiling at the camera with her chin on her hand.

I'd love to share something with you...

 When we work together, you get sales copy & marketing expertise backed by healthcare experience

Krista Frahm, copywriter, smiling at camera

Over 10 years as an occupational therapist gave me an inside look at the challenges your clients are facing.


I’ve been in their hospital rooms and homes. Writing scathing appeals or lengthy justifications was the norm because the system wasn't serving them. 

It’s what we do as health and wellness professionals.

But at the end of the day, we know there are better ways to help people live healthier, happier lives. 


That's exactly where your business comes in. Providing hope and opportunities. 

(We just need the right people to see your marketing, understand it, and take action... that's the job of your sales funnel!) 

Krista Frahm, Sales Page Copywriter for Healthcare looking at beach
What happy clients have to say...
"It really did
sound like me"
Review for Krista Frahm, copywriter. "Krista, you made my eyes get moist - twice! I was like YEAH, that is what this is. :))
"So happy with the sales page"
review for Krista Frahm, Copywriter
Review for Krista Frahm, Sales Page Copywriter
"So excited about this relationship"
testimonial for Krista Frahm Agency - "I am so excited about this relationship"

People are looking to improve their health, wellness, and quality of life —

 they need to find you, trust you, and understand your offer, then confidently make the purchase. 


Specializing in...

Sales Pages, Email Sequences, & Funnel Strategy 


You're not settling for the status quo. 


You're increasing independence, dignity, and quality of life.


I'm here to support your mission.

a laptop on a desk with hands typing. background is plants and a coffee cup.

VIP Sales Page

When your sales page reflects the authentic problems, desires, and dreams of your audience, they feel understood and confident when clicking the checkout button. 


My signature process includes a kick-off call, client interviews, a proven framework, and sales psychology. The end result is a page you're proud to publish.

Investment $2897

✨ Learn More ✨

Engaging Email Sequences 

Email may not be as flashy as social media… but the ROI is hands-down better. 


Compelling email sequences nurture and convert clients for you while you dig into other areas of your business (or go for a hike.)  


Welcome sequences, pre-launch, launch, or weekly nurture emails are all part of a comprehensive email marketing plan. 


Packages starting at $1600

Funnel Assessment & Tx Plan

When conversions drop and sales slow down, you know your sales funnel needs help... but where do you start?

The Funnel Assessment & Tx Plan shows you exactly what needs to be optimized and how to make the changes.

I'll analyze your funnel and create a custom "treatment plan" with clear next steps. 

(Also, if you book a project based on the audit, 50% of this investment is applied to that project.)

 Investment: $997

Book Your Assessment

You have a life-changing offer, now it's time to ramp up your sales so you can live the life you've been dreaming of.
Krista frahm, health and wellness copywriter, leaning on a brown wall and smiling at the camera

I'm Krista Frahm, a copywriter and OT. I increase clinicians' income and impact by writing sales pages and emails that empower readers to say YES to your offers. 

If you're increasing clients' independence, dignity, and quality of life -- then you're the type of business owner I love to support. 

Healthcare copywriting & experience

I’ve spent over a decade as a clinical OT — from the ICU to home health and everything in between. This experience gives me an intimate understanding of the struggles, feelings, and experiences your clients have that they don’t often say out loud. 


I’ve held their hands, wiped their tears (and more), and worked through all kinds of sticky situations to help clients regain their independence and dignity. 


I know the heartache of working inside a broken system and seeing people fall through the cracks.

Krista Frahm, Sales Copywriter standing in deep snow.
Krista Frahm, health and wellness copywriter, sitting at her laptop with three vases in the background

Your business is part of the solution — you’re providing genuinely life-changing offers to the people who need it most -- and I'm here for it. 


Let’s make sure your audience finds your offer and resonates with your message...


then they can (finally) get the support and solutions they deserve.

Why work with an OT copywriter? 

Health and wellness copywriting is different. You'll get my clinical perspective and provider ethics woven into your sales copy.
You'll get results without tricks or iffy tactics.

Ethical marketing helps people understand there is hope and a solution for their problems — it empowers them to make educated decisions for their lives.
Here's the tried and true process — 


Fill out an application, then we'll book a Discovery Call to discuss your current marketing efforts and goals. I’ll share how I can support those goals and generate ROI. 


You focus on running your business or taking vacation. 


I’ll be typing away on my keyboard to create copy that connects and converts.


You receive a proposal with specific recommendations for your project.


Make your selection and pay a deposit to secure your project dates. 


You receive a delivery email with a Google Doc link and video walk-through

You then provide feedback so I can polish your copy delivery. 


This call is a deep dive into your brand. We outline exactly who your target audience is, what their frustrations are and explore how to position you for success. 


You receive the final delivery and the copy is all yours! 

Next step: Drive traffic to your sales page or email list!  


Sales pages and email sequences generate income for years to come. 

Level-up your sales page and plug the holes in your sales funnel with human-centered, conversion-focused copy. 

FREE VIDEO TRAINING + resource copy.png

Are you a copywriter?

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training for copywriters.

Kind words from clients

You will be very pleased with the process and the product.  Krista is warm, professional, creative, and a breeze to work with. 

- Dawn F.

Memorial Pediatric Therapy Associates

"You just got me"
Testimonial for Krista Frahm, copywriter.
"Pulls the reader in"

Krista was and is an unexpected gem! What’s unique to Krista and what’s been incredibly powerful about her writing is her ability to “see” inside our organization, into the very heart of it. She then weaves all that heart and what sets us apart into her writing in a way that pulls the reader in and gives them the opportunity to “experience” us.

- Rachel Robison

Roots Community School

"A breeze to work with"
woman smiling with dog

Take back your time and increase your sales by outsourcing your sales copywriting and email marketing today.

Krista Frahm, marketing strategist, smiling at the camera with a computer in front of her.
Have other questions? 
Send me a message. 

I’ll get back to you within 2 business days. 

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