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& Email Marketing

for Healthcare Changemakers

Increase your sales — Increase your impact

Never sacrifice your integrity


Drop the exhaustion of DIY sales copy. Book copy that increases your income and impact while saving you time.

Let's be real —
You don't want to be strapped to your laptop making reels and chasing leads all weekend.

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You’re acutely aware that you’re losing leads (and revenue) when your marketing is scattered…

But you're swamped with the day-to-day demands of your business. 


There’s always more to get done. So the marketing moves down the list -- again. 

You may also be thinking… 


  • People don’t understand the chaos in today’s healthcare system and why the status quo is no longer an option. 


  • It’s probably not even possible for someone else to understand your offer and write in your voice. 


  • There’s no way you want salesy marketing to represent your brand — it’s not how you do business.


What if you could have authentic marketing that resonates with your clients, leading them to improve their lives through your offers?

Imagine the workload taken off
your shoulders when you outsource your copywriting and focus on what you do best — serving your clients.  

Crystal Salt

I'd love to share something with you...

When we work together, you get sales page & email expertise built on a foundation of healthcare experience.


Over 10 years as an occupational therapist gave me an inside perspective of the challenges your clients (and you) are facing.


I’ve been in their hospital rooms and homes. Writing scathing appeals and lengthy justifications was the norm. The local thrift stores had my digits so I could snag the equipment not covered by insurance. 

It’s what we do as healthcare providers…


AND it's what pushes us to create better options for patients and future clinicians. 


This is exactly where your offer comes in and provides the solution!


People are looking for solutions to their problems —

 they need to find you, understand your offer, and trust you so they confidently join your program or purchase your course. 

Crystal Salt
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Specializing in...

Sales Pages, Email Sequences, & Marketing Strategy 

For Healthcare, MedTech, Coaches, Course Creators & More

You're shaking things up -- not settling for the status quo. 

You're increasing independence, dignity, and quality of life.

I'm here to help you succeed. 

Crystal Salt

The Sales Page Experience

Your sales page reflects the authentic problems, desires, and dreams of your audience so they can nod their head all the way to the checkout page. 


My signature process includes diving into your offer, client interviews, brand voice, and sales page psychology — creating a page you can feel good publishing.

Starting at $2200

Crystal Salt

Engaging Email Sequences 

Email may not be as flashy as social media… but the ROI is hands-down better. 


Compelling email sequences nurture and convert clients for you while you dig into other areas of your business (or go for a hike.)  


Welcome sequences, pre-launch, launch, or weekly nurture emails are all part of a comprehensive email marketing plan. 


Packages starting at $600

Crystal Salt

Strategy Consultation

Are you lost in the marketing weeds — downloading all the freebies and still confused? 


Consultation brings clarity as we map out your unique marketing strategy. 


We dig into your ideal client & offers, then map out a strategy that decreases your workload while improving your outcomes. (No more doing All. The. Things.)


Packages starting at $350


You have a life-changing offer, now it's time to ramp up your sales so you can live the life you've been dreaming of.

I'm Krista Frahm, a copywriter and occupational therapist. I help changemakers and helpers increase their sales and impact by writing sales pages and emails that empower readers to say YES to your offers. 

If you're increasing clients' independence, dignity, and quality of life -- then you're the type of business owner I love to support. 

Healthcare experience & heart

I’ve spent over a decade as an OT throughout the rehab spectrum — from the ICU to home health and everything in between. This experience has given me an intimate understanding of the struggles, feelings, and experiences your clients have that they don’t often say out loud. 


I’ve held their hands, wiped their tears (and more), hauled in equipment, and worked through all kinds of sticky situations to help clients regain their independence and dignity. 


I know the heartache of working inside a broken system and seeing people fall through the cracks.


Your business is part of the solution — you’re providing genuinely life-changing offers to the people who need it most -- and I'm here for it. 

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Let’s make sure your audience finds your offer and resonates with your message so they can get the support they deserve.

You won’t find tricks, sleaze, or iffy tactics here. Ethical marketing is helping people understand there is hope and a solution for their problems — it empowers them to make educated decisions for their lives.

Hey, we both know there are bad apples out there. There's no space for that in your business, so this is my promise to you...

You’ve been doing All.The.Things… and you’re T-I-R-E-D, right? 
Naturally, you want to make sure outsourcing copywriting is going to make your life easier… not more complicated. 
This is completely understandable, and a common concern of busy professionals who are used to wearing all the hats. 

My process lifts the load off your shoulders and delivers a polished product that makes you think, “Wow, this sounds just like something I would write… and I didn’t have to write it!”
Crystal Salt
Here's how it works — 

Discovery Call

We discuss your business, current marketing efforts, and goals. I’ll share how copywriting supports those goals and generates ROI. 

It's a low-key meet and greet to make sure we're a great fit!

Research & Writing

Your job during this phase is to kick up your feet, catch up on sleep, or dust off that paddle-board you’ve been ignoring. You reap the benefits of outsourcing by getting your time back. 


I’ll be gathering the voice of your customers and rap-tap-tapping on my keyboard to create copy that connects and converts.

Solid Start

You receive a proposal that outlines specific recommendations and timelines for your project.


Sign the contract and pay your deposit to secure your project dates.